About Us

Our History

Integrity Flo began as a basic biocide applications and disinfection control company for completion fluids. We moved quickly into the mid-stream area to serve chemistry-oriented needs with pipelines and SWD facilities and older oilfield production that is sometimes dubbed “stripper wells”, in an effort to mitigate well fouling, pressure increases, and corrosion problems or simply to enhance production with a super low cost option. The old saying is, “chemistry before biology” or the microbial controlling agents will never be effective! Our expertise in microbiology, inorganic content modeling and predictability allows Integrity Flo to provide turn-key management solutions for oil & gas, industrial, and municipal clients.

Our Vision

We endeavor to provide solid science that will lead to appropriate recommendations and subsequently, the perfect blend of chemistry and microbial controlling agents for every water touch-point. We also have the latest technologies to prove efficacy in the field, in real-time for a fraction of the cost and without inherent trouble and delay of gathering samples with preservatives and then shipping to a “lab” for antiquated testing protocols. Most areas of the United States have soils that are difficult for water from rainfall to percolate through the soil profile to recharge the fresh water zone. This means that even with average rainfall cycles, the aquifers cannot be recharged quickly enough and thus many areas are now in or will be, long-term water rationed cities! Our vision is to do the right thing with our water resources, right now!

Our Achievements

Integrity Flo has provided the latest “state of the art” technology to multiple industries which have been instrumental in saving millions of gallons of water that would otherwise be wasted!! We also offer the latest technology in “cloud-based water metering” which goes well beyond what has been dubbed “smart meters”! Ask us for details on these products as they can be provided and installed in cities everywhere without typical bidding requirements and without bond referendums. We finance, install, and train your personnel on site.